Christchurch Community Centre Cambridgeshire

Main Hall Booking

£15 Per Hour

Corporate Events | Birthday Parties | Community Gatherings And Much More

Christchurch Community Centre Cambridge Main Hall

About this package

Book our main hall by the hour – perfect for training courses, meetings, parties and large gatherings. 


A £100 Refundable Deposit is automatically added to every booking.  All our bookings require a deposit that will be refunded after the event, and the caretaker has completed an inspection of the building.

Administration Charge


In the event that a booking has to be cancelled and a refund issued, there will be an administration charge of £5.

Optional Extras

Main Hall


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  • Bookings will only be taken from adults aged 18 and
  • Applications to hire the Community Centre can be made online via our secure booking system at, or the Bookings secretary Bryan Burfield.
  • Our booking system will charge the hire fee, and include a damage waiver fee, both of which will be payable at checkout to secure your booking. This damage waiver fee will be refunded within 7 working days of your event and after the Community Centre has been inspected for any damage or loss.
  • A receipt will be issued for all money paid via email through our booking system or by our Booking Clerk Bryan Burfield
  • 15 minutes time is allowed before and after bookings for setting up and cleaning

Damage Waiver Fee

  • We charge a damage waiver fee on our packages, which is added to your booking fee and payable on checkout. This will be returned on a satisfactory inspection of the hall after the event, but the hirer will be held responsible for any damage to the hall including all equipment, fixtures, and
  • Charges for damage caused, breakages, cleaning etc. will be deducted from the damage waiver fee. The hirer will also be liable for any costs incurred over and above the damage waiver fee. These amounts will be at the discretion of the Committee.


  • Any persons using the hall do so at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, theft or damage to the property or personal belongings of any person while on the premises, or left on the premises at the end of the hire
  • The named hirer will be expected to remain on the premises for the entire period of hire and ensure full compliance with the terms and conditions of use. They should not be engaged in any duties which prevent them from exercising general supervision and should at no time leave the premises
  • The hirer needs to ensure there are an adequate number of adult supervisors/stewards available for any If many of those attending are less than 16 years of age or if people with restricted mobility are attending, the numbers of adult supervisors required will need to be increased

Health & Safety and Fire procedures:

  • The hirer is responsible for the health and safety of all those on the premises, both inside the hall and in the surrounding area, during the period of
  • All areas of the building are designated as NON This includes vaping.
  • Hirers need to have a fully charged mobile phone available for use in an emergency
  • All persons hiring the Community Centre should familiarise themselves with the location and use of fire- fighting equipment. At the start of any event the hirer should inform those attending of the location of fire exits, fire evacuation procedure and fire assembly points.
  • Fire-fighting apparatus should be kept in its proper place and only used for its intended purpose
  • Obstructions must not be placed in gangways or doorways, or in front of emergency fire exits. All doors must be kept open and clear for quick evacuation.
  • The First Aid box is in the kitchen and is available for everyone to use. Please log all accidents in the logbook and inform the Bookings Secretary of any incidents or
  • A defibrillator is located outside the main entrance to the building
  • There is a copy of the ‘Emergency Action Plan’ on the notice board by the front door. In the event of a fire or an emergency, the hirer should implement this plan.
  • The Fire Service must be called to any outbreak of fire, however slight, and reported to the committee
  • Performances involving danger to the public must not be given and highly flammable substances should not be brought into or used in any part of the No candles or naked flames should be used.
  • Any electrical appliances brought onto the premises must have an up to date PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) sticker on them and should be used in a safe manner, using residual current circuit breakers where
  • If any electrical equipment is damaged or any faults found, please inform the Booking Secretary
  • Applicants should carry out their own health and safety and fire risk assessments if

Use of premises and Licensing:

  • The Premises License, issued by Fenland District Council is displayed on the noticeboard in the entrance We are only licensed for the activities shown.
  • If a hirer wishes to conduct any unlicensed activities, it is their responsibility to obtain the necessary license, which will involve applying for a temporary Events (TEN)

Fenland District Council – Licensing department – Tel:01354 622564

  • The hirer should not use the premises for any purpose other than that described on the Booking Form and should not sub-let the premises or allow it to be used for any unlawful activity.
  • Nothing should be done that would invalidate the insurance policies covering the building or its
  • The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises which contravenes the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries

Equal opportunities

Users of the community center must comply with the Equality Act 2010. They must ensure that the community center is open to all members of the community regardless of sex, sexual orientation, nationality, age, disability, race, or of political, religious, or other opinions.

Maximum capacity

The Community Centre has a maximum capacity of 100-120 people in the main hall and 35 in the meetings room (these figures include helpers and performers) and on no account shall these figures be exceeded

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults:

All hirers providing activities involving children, young people and vulnerable adults are regulated by the relevant sections of the Children Act 1989 and subsequent legislation. All user groups must comply with regulations set down by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) or by the local Safeguarding Board/Social Services Department before being allowed to hire the Community Centre.

  • It is the responsibility of the organizer of such activities to ensure compliance with these
  • The Committee reserves the right to exclude from the premises any organization that fails to comply with this

Use of the Kitchen:

  • We recommend that if you are serving food, you have at least one person with a Food Safety Qualification or Training and that you observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations, In particular dairy products, vegetables and meat must be refrigerated and stored in compliance with the Food Safety Regulations 1995. Feel free to use the fridge but please note that any food left behind will be disposed
  • The kitchen is stocked with cutlery, dinner plates & side plates, bowls, and cups & saucers for approx. 100 settings
  • Take care when carrying hot drinks and please do not allow children in the kitchen


  • No alcohol must be served or given to those under the age of 18. All hirers need to abide by the Christchurch Community Centers Age verification policy
  • If you are having a licensed bar for the sale of alcohol or wish to provide alcohol free of charge, please let the Booking Secretary know prior to
  • Under the terms of the Premises License the sale of alcohol is only authorized when approved by us. The committee reserves the right to ask a hirer to obtain their own license direct from FDC if they are not satisfied with the hirers proposals


  • Please check that litter is not left in or around the Community
  • Sorry, no animals or pets allowed on the premises except guide dogs for the blind or therapy/assistance dogs
  • Please ensure that all events are conducted in such a way as to maintain good public order and not cause a nuisance to local Noise needs to be kept to a reasonable level.
  • Car parking – Please ensure all vehicles are parked considerately so as not to cause an obstruction at the entrance to, or exits from, the center or nearby

Cleaning and End of Hire:

  • Please treat the hall with respect and care, leaving it as you would wish to find
  • After your event, please ensure the floors are swept and mopped if needed, and that all areas, including toilets are left clean and
  • Cleaning equipment is available in the kitchen under the sink and floor sweepers are kept in the storage area in the main hall.
  • Please return all chairs and tables to where they belong and take any rubbish away with you. Please make sure the lights, the cooker and all appliances are switched off, windows, doors and shutters are all locked and secure and the key is
  • Please ask the permission of the Bookings Secretary before goods or equipment are left or stored at the community


  • If the applicant wishes to cancel a booking before the date of the event and the committee are unable to get a replacement booking, CRGC reserve the right to charge half the hire charge
  • CRGC reserve the right to cancel a booking in the event of:
    1. The premises being needed for use as a polling station
    2. The premises becoming unfit for use g., fire, flood
    3. CRGC considering that the hiring will lead to a breach of these Terms and Conditions
  • The hirer will be entitled to a full refund of any money paid, but CRGC will not be liable to the applicant for any resulting or indirect loss or damages


Many thanks for your co-operation. We hope you have an enjoyable event Christchurch Recreation Ground Charity Committee

If you have any queries please contact:

Chairman: Geoff Harper: Tel 01354 638681

Secretary: Jill Watts: Tel:01354 638668

Bookings Secretary: Bryan Burfield – Tel: 07918 664402